Job Fullfillment

Job Fullfillment

People ask Kathy Thompson McCurdy, “Are you still teaching? When are you going to retire?” Kathy says, “How can I think about retiring when I have moments in my job like this one?”


Kathy with one of her students

After a discussion with her third grade class on ways to preserve and protect the Earth, her students decided to become “The Plant Sitters,” guardians of their school grounds. The preceding and following photos show them on a day of cleaning up and planting flowers. Kathy says 100% of the third grade volunteered their recess time towards the effort. She hopes the interest continues.




Well, here we go. The class of 1966 has a website!

This idea is the result of three things – first, a trip I took to southern France to see Julia Scott-Barrett several years ago. Upon my return I sent a photo of the two of us to EWS for the bulletin and was disappointed when told it didn’t include personal photos; second, the terrific time I had last summer at our 40th reunion. I thought I was a person who would never return, but I did and what I discovered with my classmates was that we are a bright, vibrant, vastly interesting group of women. I realized I did not want to wait another five years (yes, I commit myself for the 45th) to have contact with class members (those who attended and those we sorely missed); and last, the postive encouragement from Penni Wisner when I mentioned the idea of our own website as a means of staying connected.

So here we go. We will see how this evolves. Hopefully you will enjoy the website/blog and will email me photos, comments, etc. so we can all keep up with what the Class of ’66 is doing. Please send me photos of yourself, family, work, trips, marriages, children, grandchildren, homes, your own websites and anything else you’d like to share. And do pass this website along to other classmates.

Some notes: This website is not meant to replace the news you send Penni for the bulletin. Please continue to do so as there are still many who prefer hard copy news! And forgive in advance any misspellings of names. Very often this will be done at night when I may not be at my sharpest! And since I’m not as up-to-date as Penni on changes in last names, I will be referring to people in photos by their maiden names. If this makes anyone unhappy, please let me know asap at the above email address. And please, we are on the internet so consider carefully what you want to send me.

We will begin with photos from the reunion in 2006. You may have seen the Kodak Gallery photo album Penni emailed after our 40th, so I apologize for the repeat performance but we must start somewhere!

At Reunion 2006 the campus looked stunning.






The chapel



An alto’s view of the inside


Julia Scott-Barrett and the view from the chapel steps


Kathy Thompson Sage and Kellas


Another shot of Kellas




The tree overlooking the track at the back of campus (behind the chapel)


Looking back at central campus


We stayed in the dorms (we were in Hyphen) and below is how you found your room.



The Saturday morning group: L to R Kathy Thompson, Lindy McLean, Tabby Schultz, Julia Scott-Barrett, Linda Glazer, Penni Wisner, Bonnie Casper, Jane Wales, Jenni Smith


The lunch official group shot: Back L-R Liz Beal, Jane Manopoli, Jenni Smith, Chris Smith, Julia Scott-Barrett, Center Penni Wisner, Jane Wales, Liz Colton, Barb Greenwood; Front Kathy Thomspon, Bonnie Casper, Tabby Schultz, Lindy McLean, Bonnie Hunter


Lunch-Jenni Smith, Jane Manopoli, Lindy McLean, Chris Smith


There was also a wine tasting….Liz Colton, Julia Scott-Barrett, Lindy McLean, Chris Smith, Tabby Schultz, Barb Greenwood

a walk about campus….


Julia Scott-Barrett and Barb Greenwood in Kellas


Julia visiting with Mr. Locke


checking the mailboxes (still empty!)…


finding old rooms (Barb Greenwood and Kathy Thompson)…

and pre-dinner cocktails.


Tabby Schultz, Jenni Smith, Kathy Thompson, Chris Smith


Julia Scott-Barrett and Penni Wisner


Jane Manopoli


Jane Wales and Julia


Chris Smith


Liz Colton and Julia


The dinner group: L to R Tabby Schultz, Chris Smith, Jane Manopoli, Julia Scott-Barrett, Barb Greenwood, Kathy Thompson, Penni Wisner, Liz Colton, Jenni Smith, Lindy McLean.


At dinner first floor Sage: Beginning L clockwise-Barb Greenwood, Jane Manopoli, Bonnie Hunter, Penni Wisner, Julia Scott-Barrett, Liz Beal, Jenni Smith, Chris Smith, Tabby Schultx, Liz Colton, Jane Wales and her husband.


As the first official female “Toastmaster” in Scotland, Julia gave a toast.

After dinner there was much talk, fun and laughter. Sleeping on the hard, single beds left their impressions on the older bodies but a reunion at a great breakfast the next morning, helped to dim those memories.

As we left the campus, Julia and I could not help but bask in the glow of the beautiful sunlight morning on campus as well as the afterthoughts of the marvelous time shared with friends who, after a lifetime, really had not changed who they were. We had just gotten to know them better. We also could not help but notice our gargoyles. While students and alumnae come and go, they remain fixed and faithful, standing watch over all. Here are just a few…







Until 2011….mark your calendars.

Kathy Thompson McCurdy

First Photo – April 5, 2007

First Photo – April 5, 2007

Well, that didn’t take long! Even before I had begun posting the photos from the 40th Reunion for our first “blog,” Penni sent me this photo of Kathy Erskine Jenkins’ daughter, Grace. Thanks, Kathy, for starting us off!


Grace, 16, attended Emma Willard’s Girl Summer program (2006) in performing arts. In a catalogue for the program this year, there was this beautiful picture of her attending The Phantom of The Opera with her Emma group. It’s easy to see this is Kathy’s daughter!