EWS News from LInda Glazer Toohey

EWS News from LInda Glazer Toohey

She writes:

“Jane Manopoli Patterson and I attended the Emma Symposium/Capital Campaign kickoff/Reunion for the classes of 2s and 7s in late September. The Symposium included Elizabeth Colton as a panelist and participant. She was extraordinarily impressive with her message for women to think globally.”


Jamie Adkins Baxter and Ruth Ziony (members of the Class of 61) with Linda and Jane

“As a part of Emmas Campaign, my husband Mike, our daughters (Emma alums) and my mom contributed funds that helped in a small way to make possible the conversion of the kitchen that was between Sage & Kellas to become the 2e Caf a connector of all student spaces on the main floor. Its like a coffee shop/Internet caf for students.”


Linda with Head of school Trudy Hall


Students enjoying the 2e Caf.