Turning 60!

Turning 60!

This is the year, Everyone. If you haven’t already turned 60, you will soon. Jeni Smith has started us off with her photograph of her 60th birthday celebration. I hope you will all follow suit and send me photos of your own 60th celebrations.


Jeni celebrating her 60th (which was July 4th) with husband, Tom Bolt.

So please let me hear from you! Send me a photo and tell us what you did for your 60th.

Barb Greenwood

Barb Greenwood

Barb Greenwood stopped by today on her way home to Boston from a visit to her father who is 85 years old. We spent a few minutes getting some of her photos off her computer.


Barb and her daughter and grandchild with her father last year.


Barb with her daughter and grandchild


And this is my favorite.


Barb and Kathy

So for those of you who travel I-95 here in the East, do what Barb did and stop by when you see Exit 63. I’m just minutes from Clinton Crossing Mall!



Ruthie Denton Eastman sent in the following photo and story regarding a recent wedding she attended.

“The dress is French, there’s only one shop in England you can get it from, I am told. The wedding – held on 7 June this year – was 200 miles away in rural North Wales and both of us in the photo are called Ruth. Okay, we also knew each other (thank God!) because our husbands are both barristers in the same set of chambers, but it certainly seemed an incredible coincidence at the time. On the strength of it we posed for the cameras after supper and before the speeches at the reception. Oh, and the other Ruth was wearing a fascinator. Do you think J S-B would approve? My own hat was a last-minute buy from Marks and Spencer not sure how well it matches the shoes?!”