Wendy Dominick, Still Young at 60!

Wendy Dominick, Still Young at 60!

How wonderful to hear from Wendy Dominick! She responded to my “birthday” email as she was nearing her 60th at the end of August. Happy birthday, Wendy!

It turns out Wendy is a busy woman! She teaches kindergarten in Vails Gate near her home town of Newburgh.


In her down time, Wendy concentrates on her other passion…golf.


“Most of my time is spent on the golf course. When not on the golf course I’m reading the Rule book or participating in rules discussions on the internet. I traveled to Scotland a few years ago to meet up with like minded rules types from all over the world. We met in St. Andrews, Scotland for a week of golf matches and Rules talks.

I’ve traveled to Scotland 4 other times for golf and I’ve had 2 trips to Ireland. I’m organizing another Scotland trip for July 2009.

Of course, I’m equally happy playing in local events and tournaments, or just out with friends.”

Impressed, I asked for more information…specifically what her handicap was!

“I played a little bit as a kid, a little as a teenager, then gave it up. When I started teaching I had summers off, so I started up again. I’m a 12 handicap. By the way…Corn Beal Forrence ’68 and I get together once or twice a year to play in some events together. We started golf together as little kids, played a little as teenagers, and both gave it up. Then very separately we each took it up again!”