Thanks to Bonnie for her note and spectacular pictures! It’s great knowing one of us was there for this historic event! If anyone else went, we would love to hear from you.

Hi – I am attaching some photos from the Inauguration. My daughter flew in from Claremont missing the first day of classes to be here for 24 hours so she could go – and it was exciting and very cold!



The Capitol


Bonnie and her daughter Blair


Obama taking the oath of office

Linda in Lisbon

Linda in Lisbon

Linda Glazer Toohey agrees with me about this Northeastern winter.

“Im with you this Winter sucks! Weve had 47 of snow so far this season. The snow banks are taller than our mailboxes. And when Ive traveled to warmer climes, the weather was sunny but way colder than normal. We spent four days in Phoenix after New Years to see the Fiesta Bowl (where daughter Meg works as an event planner). Temperatures were in the 50s but reached the low 70s one day. And I just returned on Friday from three days in Jupiter, FL where the temperature hadnt been as low in more than 25 years. A friend had invited me to play in a Member-Guest golf tournament. Despite the gale force winds and the temperatures in the 30s and 40s, the sun did shine. The five layers of clothes I had to put on to stay warm, certainly did help my novice golf game.

Attached are two pictures our daughter Meg sent me to be used to update my Facebook page. Thank goodness for our kids who help us stay connected to the next generation of technology. The photos were taken outside of Lisbon in a town called Sintra. Meg (seen in two pictures), Liz, Mike and I spent a week between Barcelona and Portugal to begin the year of travel to celebrate my 60th. They took me on a surprise trip to Laguna Niguel, CA over Labor Day weekend (on my actual bday), after having had a big party at the house, and two surprise luncheons. I must admit, it has been worth turning 60.”


Mike, Liz, Linda, Meg


And for those of you who haven’t joined Facebook (as LInda mentioned), take a look. It’s another good way tostay connected with classmates.



It’s been a long winter (and, according to Puxatawney Phil, one that will continue for another five weeks). Here’s an attempt by one of my kids to cheer me up!


Kathy Thompson McCurdy and friend

Send some winter photos for the blog!