Jennifer Dowley’s Children

Jennifer Dowley’s Children

With apologies to Jennifer who sent me this photo weeks ago. I thought I had “published” this blog entry but had not! Jennifer writes:

“I’m happy to have my email address and street address made available. Am always ready to see visitors. I live with my 11 year old daughter, Marion in Millerton, NY…right on the border of CT near Salisbury and Sharon.” (see Classmate Locations)


Addison is 25 and autistic and Marion is 11.



Tonight I reconnected with Anne Curtis C. who is involved with a SafePet program here in Connecticut called Our Companions. The program places pets in fostercare in times of crisis (see “Looking After Those in Need” – December 30, 2008). Hopefully our home “passed muster” and Annie and I will be seeing each other often in the future.


Kathy Thompson McCurdy and Annie Curtis Chittenden

I hope to persuade Annie to return to EWS for our next reunion in 2011….not so afar away.

RECONNECT – Classmate Locations

RECONNECT – Classmate Locations

When traveling about the U.S. or Europe, why not stop in to see a classmate who is nearby? Here is the beginning of our list:

Anne Todd Osborne – Hmm. until May 6th 2009 I am in Garrison, NY. on and off until July 8th I am in MA on Martha’s Vineyard, then home for ten days then off to Gouldsboro, Maine until Labor Day.Then back to Garrison butstayingin adifferenthouse. That’sbecauseour son hasrentedthe houseandgrounds out every weekenduntilOct 17th for weddings. Fred and I are thinking of moving out of the “big house” permanently so the 6-month dislocations won’t be soextreme. 4/28/09

Catherine Kernan, Somerville, MA I live in an artists’ coop live/work building about three blocks from the Cambridge line. The subway is about thirty seconds down a bike path and gets you to Harvard Sq. in 10 minutes and downtown Boston in 20. It is not luxurious, but we have a couple of extra beds for guests, and my studio is always open. 3/09

Jeni Smith – St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – all welcome at “On the Rocks” – I have a studio apartment for weary EWS66ers – we are located right next to the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef. 4/09

Diana Mcbrier Wolfe – I live in Mexico City half the year and in Erie, Pa during the Spring and summer. would be fun if somebody was coming my way. we

Would love to see them.4/09

happy Spring.

Heidi Baldwin – North Palm Beach (winter) & Lynchburg, Virginia

Bonni Casper – Potomac, Maryland (metropolitan Washington, DC)

Ruthie Denton – London, England

Anne Curtis Chittenden – Madison, Connecticut

Lauren Di Napoli Cawley, Jackson, MO

Wendy Dominick – Newburgh, NY

Jennifer Dowley – Millerton, NY (near CT border)

Gwen Gordon – Marina del Rey, CA

Risa Novig Neustadt – New York

Nancy Shepard Kovaleff – Vermont

Julia Scott-Barrett – Le Cannet des Maures, Provence, France

Kathy Thompson McCurdy – Killingworth, Connecticut

Jane Wales – San Francisco, CA with frequent trips to DC

Ellen Wineberg – Boston, MA

Penni Wisner – San Francisco, California

Spring….D— It!

Spring….D— It!

OK, living in the Northeast this year has been a little challenging and we are all tired of waiting for the warm weather! It’s April 13th already!

So, thanks to Nancy Shepard Kovaleff, I am including some pictures that will do for now. They are lovely and I asked Nancy if she was a photographer. She replied, “No, I just like to carry my camera in my pocket.”

I couldn’t agree more. Digital makes that so easy these days! So, Everyone, carry your cameras with you and send us some fun spring photos.

Meanwhile, thanks, Nancy, for your Vermont photos of impending spring AND for the one of you (in warmer climes, I note!).




Optimistic honeybee