Summer News 2009

Summer News 2009

What’s going on with classmates this summer? Send me your news and photos.


From Ruthie Denton:

Well, you asked for it! Writing from a very rainy London, which we abandon on Saturday for our annual holiday of two weeks on Cape Cod, where Im assured the sun will shine so why would I think otherwise, I can send you a few snaps of events earlier in the summer.

On July 5 we had a lovely lunch party in our garden (the day of the Wimbledon Final) and to our astonishment, and that of the fans at Centre Court, the weather held, so a certain amount of the party took place in our living room afterwards watching that amazing match. My son, Richard, 26, is in the white and red checked shirt (right) and his girlfriend, Annabel, is seated opposite him, on the left, with glasses on her head. They live nearby and drop in often, which is great.


Eight days later, the family and significant others of Richard and Joanna headed west to Bristol for Joannas graduation from medical school from Bristol University. In the picture of us taken after the ceremony, Jo looks even taller than usual, because she was in heels and I was in flats. Regardless of the heel discrepancy, she is a lot taller AND a lot thinner and I have to say a lot smarter too, so none of her defining traits have anything to do with me.


Im sending another picture taken at the same time of Jo and Roger (he was made a Master of the Queens Bench Division of the High Court in May, so it has been a very exciting year for him too, having been made a judge). Back to the photo, you can see that he was looking very proud of Jo, and rightly so.


After a lovely holiday in Italy with her boyfriend, who we like lot and so does she (!), followed by a few weeks blobbing at home, Jo moved to Hammersmith last week, where shes sharing a house with a fellow medic from Bristol and two London friends, making us official empty-nesters but lets not go there! Jo began as a junior doctor last night at a very busy hospital in West London, which she described as very full-on, and is working her second night now as I write. Im glad we were still in town for this crucial period in her new career and feel sad well be away for weeks two and three but we had no choice in the timing and luckily shell get terrific support from her boyfriend and brother who, as it happens, are also very good friends so its rather comforting to all. Well, thats the summer news, and other than that I am still a senior sub editor at Homes & Gardens in which magazine our house has yet to appear! If any of you know of good houses or gardens worth considering let me know and Ill suggest them to the relevant editor. Other than that Ive been enjoying my singing with the Whitehall Choir, singing lessons and reading about the amazing personal life of Frank Lloyd Wright in Loving Frank and, now, The Women. Has anyone else been reading these books? I find them compelling. Hope youre well, Kathy, and I look forward to logging on the blog soon to see what else is happening with my friends from 66. Enough packing avoidance I have a plane to catch on Saturday.




Jeni Smith writes, “I had a wonderful June with my daughter and grandkids visiting. They had a a great time at the beach everyday.”




At Kathy Thompson McCurdy’s Thirsty Boots Farm in Central Connecticut, it’s been all about animals.

Rescuing some mallard eggs and incubating them resulted in two new residents…


They loved the dogs’ water bowl…


…and swimming with Kathy’s great-nieces.


Kathy’s foster pet, Lucky, with her Lab and Springer.