Proud Grandparents

Proud Grandparents

Anne Todd Osborne writes;

Here’s some fun news and pix of our daughter, Ellie, and her husband Clint Chase with their just adopted daughter, 18-month-old YunJia Katherine Chase, Jia Jia. Can’t wait to meet her Oct 22nd when they are due home in Portland, ME. We will be waiting anxiously with 41/2-year-old brother, Oliver.


Nini and BopBop

Additional Cathy Kernan News from Nancy Kovaleff

Additional Cathy Kernan News from Nancy Kovaleff

Heres some more news about Catherine Kernan! She and I attended a lively concert at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, sponsored by the Greek Institute in Cambridge last weekend. Overnight, she and her architect husband, Richard, hosted me in their spectacular home, which is a restored multi-stored building with their living quarters and Cathy’s studio on the top floor, Cathys print studio in the basement, and other artists quarters and studios in between. Cathy is in great shape her secret always take the stairs! (Like she did in the MTA, with me huffing and puffing behind.) In the middle of the night, I heard someone get up. Turned out it was Cath starting her day! When I caught up with her at 8:30 am, she had been hard at work for hours. Her prints are breathtakingly beautiful! I do encourage you all to have a look_.and attend one of her shows as soon as you have a chance.

Jennifer Dowley’s Children

Jennifer Dowley’s Children

With apologies to Jennifer who sent me this photo weeks ago. I thought I had “published” this blog entry but had not! Jennifer writes:

“I’m happy to have my email address and street address made available. Am always ready to see visitors. I live with my 11 year old daughter, Marion in Millerton, NY…right on the border of CT near Salisbury and Sharon.” (see Classmate Locations)


Addison is 25 and autistic and Marion is 11.

News from Cathy Kernan

News from Cathy Kernan

Last May Ellen Wineberg came with me on an art residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Co. Mayo, Ireland, a wild section of the northwest coast. She is a great travel companion (good cook!) and we dug up a lot of memories of being “art rivals” at EW.


In August my husband and I went on a seven day bike ride in Idaho, averaging some 60 miles / day. It was beautiful, and a new part of the country for me. In September we did a 100 mile ride around New York City as part of a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives – diverse and spectacular! Imagine cycling through Manhattan at 6 a.m., over the Brooklyn Bridge,along the surf at Far Rockaway, around the 1964 World’s Fair sphere, under the La Guardia flight path.Have you ever cycled a velodrome?

The center of my life is still artwork. Visit my website: for that update.


News of Ellen’s New Show

News of Ellen’s New Show

(By the way, does anyone else think the woman in the center looks like Sue Merrill from 1966?)


Kathy Erskine Jenkins writes:

Ellen Wineberg is in a group show called “Still Lifes”at the prestigious Gallery Henochin the super-trendy Chelsea area of NYC . This past Saturday was the opening party and I was lucky enough to attend.

Ellen’s work is fabulous! Colorful, warm and witty like the artist. She is in very good company, too, with painters such as Steve Smulka, Janet Rickus, and Robert Jackson.

It was great to catch up with Ellen (who looks exactly the same!) and her mother (who also looks wonderful and had finished a round of golf just the day before). Ellen reports that she paints every day even if it is “just a dab”. My blackberry shot of Ellen and her work disappeared into the ether as I was transferring it to email. Sorry!

But you can see her work at Gallery Henoch, 555 West 25th Street, NY 10001 917.305.0003 or at The show runs from October 3-31 and you better hurry. The red “sold” dots were accumulating around Ellen’s work as I was leaving.

Ellen’s work

Ellen’s response:

Thanks you guys!!!!

Ersk, it was sooooo fun to see you. And I love what you wrote. You have the knack, I will add that to my blog or website when I get back down to earth enough to work on them. Thanks for coming. You missed Wells’ ex, Steve who showed up at the end.

Love to you, Ellen