Photo Updates

Photo Updates

I have been remiss with checking the email box connected with the blog and see besides the masses of spam (how do they find us?!), two messages from Penni, one a request for information (due date 2/15) along with a photo of a date she had with Jane Wales and Surpik Zarikian. Here are the updates and forgive me Penni and Liz for the delay in posting!

From Liz Beal Bowman:

Hi…I just became a grand mother!!!! My daughter Erica gave birth to Juniper Rew

Ludlow Bowman on January 27th in Jamaica, Vermont. I spent most of January on hand

for the wait and delivery. All is well and of course the baby is spectacular.

Fortunately this is the time of year I am at rest as a gardener but am looking

forward to spring and hands in dirt as usual. My other daughter Alix has completed

her first full year as the owner of The Goat Patrol (add dot com and check it out on line) in Durham. N.C. where her goats have done major clearing of brush and herbage.

I hope all of you are having fun in your lives. I am.


Penni Wisner was able to get together for lunch with Zurpik and Jane.


We all enjoy seeing our classmates as they live and enjoy life today. Please share more photos with us. Send them directly to my email address (see email alert for address) you can respond through this website. Hopefully I will check the mailbox more frequently!