Fall 2010 News

Fall 2010 News

Ingrid Johnsen Barrett:

The Rev. Ingrid Barrett has been appointed interim associate minister at the Dover Church in Dover, Massachusetts, with a primary commitment to Christian education.

From Peggy Baird Towle:

I am retired as of this past spring and loving every minute of it. I was a docent tour guide at the Ipswich Museum this year. The season just ended. I gave tours of the “Whipple House” build in 1677, Ipswich MA. I am currently taking watercolor painting classes and I am still able to play golf 4 or 5 days a week although that can’t last much longer (a few more weeks if we’re lucky).

From Anne Todd Osborne:

My daughter, Ellie, is married with two kids. Youngest son, Graham, married in tiny apt near UN no plans for kids. Oldest, Hank, happily un-married last month after 14 years and four kids, and their 14 yr-old dog who are doing amazingly well under the two household regime. No assets, no lawyers, no hassle. (well splitting up the debt but even that was relatively smooth). I say it was under-treated Lyme Disease (misdiagnosed as MS) that precipitated it. But that’s another story. Hank runs Osborne Castle and lives over the carriage house.

Life goes on.


Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding

Kathy Thompson McCurdy’s daughter was married October 24 and two EWites were there to witness the event:

Julia Scott-Barrett traveled from France and was three days without her luggage. Luckily it was delivered in time so all could benefit from her hat (or fascinator, as Ruthie calls it)!



Holly Ford Ridgway ’68 slipped it on.


Heather McCurdy Chamberlain and husband George with their parents.


The happy couple


Julia Scott-Barrett and Kathy Thompson McCurdy with a favorite friend, Bob Cashman.