From Ruth Denton Eastman

Belated Christmas greetings to the Class of ’66 and all good things for

2011. Our Christmas was momentous because just two days before my son

Richard, 28, got down on bended knee and proposed to his girlfriend,



The ecstatic couple

Both families are over the moon about it and as luck would have it

the Farnsworth Eastmans were the guests of her family for Christmas and

Boxing Day at their house in the very pretty town of Coggeshall in Essex.

The pictures tell a story of the happiness that prevailed, starting with

champagne to celebrate Richard and Annabel’s new status and finishing with

the girls jumping for joy about it all after a bracing walk through the

village and neighbouring fields on Boxing Day.


My daughter, Joanna, is on the left; Annabel is on the right and Annabel’s brother’s girlfriend, Amanda, is in the middle. Jo gets the prize for highest jolly jumper, I



Christmas lunch, with Richard’s lovely future mother-in-law, Jane Farmer, at the head of the table


party poppers

The wedding is likely to be next November but the church has some diary-juggling to do before it’s confirmed. An exciting chapter begins!

From Liz Colton


Merry Christmas to everyone! Our family — together here with Caspar who has just arrived from Germany — send our warmest wishes for a new year of peace, health and joy!

From Kathy Erskine Jenkins

Let’s see if this works. She sent on Facebook. Click on this link:

Merry Christmas!

From Anne Todd Osborn

I went to Revels last Saturday! What a great show! Lots of new characters but lots of our old Costumes still in good repair. New dances. Hilarious contemporary cultural references.

EWS could use about 50 body mikes however.

Fred and I are off to Argentina in January to visit his niece’s ranch in Patagonia.

A twice postponed 60th birthday trip. We’ll have good pix I hope.