New York Mini Reunion 2011

New York Mini Reunion 2011

When Julia Scott-Barrett returned for a McCurdy Christmas and Kitty Wetherbee sent me the following email this December, the wheels started turning!

“Hi Kathy! I am living in NYC for 2 months – following a dream! My apartment is in Tribeca and I work part time at Whole Foods (because I can walk to work; turned down jobs at Tiffany’s, Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrell and MacKenzie-Childs). Do you ever come into the city? Would love to get together! I was with Linda (Glazer) Toohey for a couple days before I moved here – maybe she would come in to join us. Do you know anyone else who lives here who went to EWS? Since no one went to our reunion (what does that say?) maybe we could have a small reunion sometime soon – I’m here until New Year’s or maybe longer. Hope all is well with you! Love Kitty”

And so, on Tuesday, December 20, a small group of us who live around New York met in the city for a mini reunion. Fortunately, I have a generous sister-in-law who let us descend upon her apartment where we spent about 3 hours getting reacquainted and learning about what has happened in our lives over the last 45 years.


Lunch L to R: Anne Todd, Tyler Tinsworth, Linda Glazer, Bonnie Hunter, Liz Beal, Kitty Wetherbee, and Julia Scott-Barrett


Official photo:Standing L-R: Kitty Wetherbee, Anne Todd, Liz Beal, Tyler Tinsworth, Linda Glazer. Seated L-R: Kathy Thompson, Bonnie Hunter, Julia Scott-Barrett.

We all had a wonderful time and the suggestion was made that other classmates across the U.S. try to do this during the year, perhaps a mini Boston reunion, San Francisco, Florida, Texas, etc. Think about it. Penni and I have email addresses. All it takes is one person and an invitation!

Julia spent 13 days with us her in central Connecticut and her visit was great. She spent a large part of her time creating a sampler for my grandson Thomas. She is a talented woman with the needle!


The sampler about 1/3 done!