Winters 2012 Updates

Winters 2012 Updates

Ruthie Denton Eastman


I promised to send you pictures of my son’s wedding (on 29th October) ages ago, Kathy. At last we have the official group shots in the churchyard. The larger of the two shows the full extended family and key players in the wedding party. My daughter, Jo (on my left), was chief bridesmaid; her boyfriend, Ed (behind her), was best man! Roger, my husband, who seems almost hidden, in the same waistcoat he wore on our wedding day in 1994, is standing behind me (and Richard, the groom!); Annabel’s parents, Jane and Peter, and brother, Duncan, are beside her. My father-in-law is beside Annabel’s brother’s girlfriend. The remaining four people (if this isn’t getting too long-winded) are Richard’s dad (my ex) and long-time partner Adrienne time has healed old wounds and we all get along really well and her children, Kim and Wyn (far left and back row, right).

Apologies to Julia S-B that there is only one fascinator being worn in the group but I can assure her many were sported! My brother-in-law actually took the best pictures of the day, but I hope this will give a flavour.

It was a glorious day, as all weddings are, even in the late afternoon when these pictures were taken, and Richard and Annabel and everyone else there beamed throughout until the last dance at midnight.


Richard and Annabel are enjoying their new life as man and wife and I’m loving seeing them settle into their new role and, of course, having Annabel as a fabulous daughter-in-law.

Otherwise life remains the same for me – I’m still working at Homes & Gardens as senior sub-editor and still singing second soprano with the Whitehall Choir, which I love. Is anyone else in the class of 66 as choir mad as I have become, I wonder?

Kathy Thompson McCurdy


I am enjoying my grandson, Thomas who was three months old at Christmas.