Every Life Can Make a Difference

Every Life Can Make a Difference

This week I heard from Liz Beal Bowman who shared her personal sadness over losing her grandson, Malcolm in January.

“…we had a sad winter here too because my almost two-year-old grandson died in January of complications of Gaucher’s disease. He was a special little guy and I was lucky to be able to be in North Carolina with him for his last few months. He was obviously an old soul and a great teacher. I am honored to have known him. I will send along some poems I wrote about him. Liz

With her permission, I have shared her three poems and Malcolm’s photo in the order I received as I was strongly moved by them.

Thank you, Liz, for sharing your beautiful grandson and thoughts with us.


The living room

a year ago filled with toys

things to climb on

stack up

laugh about

is now a room with oxygen tanks

respiration canisters

and feeding devices.

My lovely grandson

still smiling when he can

endures his bodys shaking

his throats unwillingness to swallow

showing us all

how brave one can be.


fate stacked up against him

almost two

a saint already.

Cold January

Ive been building fires for background warmth

something cozy

in this winter time of sorrow

we said goodbye

gathered near

his still warmth

let him go


of already missing him

blurring our clarity

just for a moment

then we breathed him along

got him dressed

stroked his head

kissed that crazy hairline

and whispered farewell

to one much loved

our very beings


in knowing Malcolm.

Who Am I?

More time in his company

would have been wonderful

but who am I

to hold him back?

A great teacher


touched so many

more than fifteen times his age

caused them

to reach in self

and celebrate life

cheer for teams

create new vehicles

have Kings Day parties


walk in gardens

roll around with dogs

love each other

and be happy

for this very moment.

Thanks Malcolm.


Such joy from such a little soul and out of tremendous sorrow, such beautiful words.

March 2013 News

March 2013 News

From Bonnie Hunter

Clearly Bonnie is recovered from her broken collarbone! She now volunteers for the Katonah Ambulance Corps! Here she is in a dress up drill in case of a fire.


From Bonnie Casper


My husband, Mark, daughter Blair, and Mom – Barbara! We are celebrating my mother’s 93rd birthday this weekend.