May 2013 News

May 2013 News

Jennifer Dowley

HI Kathy_I dont know about any of them. I saw Connie Corbett last about 15 years ago. She was in Washington DC and held a position of prestige at the World Bank.

Id love to hear if someone is in touch with her and the others.

Surpik Zarikian Angelini

I am a proud mom of two graduates, last week! My older son, Alessandro got his PHd in Urban Anthropology from CUNY Grad Center and he will be teaching at Mt. Holyoke College next year and my younger one, Giorgio got his Masters in Architecture from Rice University here in Houston and is working in NYC_I was in NYC last week celebrating! _and in Miami this week for the opening of a family hotel called EB Hotel Miami_I was in charge of picking the art for the rooms and the lobby. The architectural interior’s project is fantastic! . Check it out in the web_and come and visit if you’re in Miami_ Hope everybody is having a great summer. It’s been so cool in Houston this spring, that it feels like California..much love to the EW friends that remember me! Surpik

Bonnie Hunter Trotta

My son in law is being treated for multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. He is currently at Sloan Kettering for a month with my daughter in total isolation. Doing well. I get to be nanny of my four grandchildren for the month! Love that part.

Heather Henderson Mewhinney

News from Virginia. I AM RETIRING!!!!(so scarey) Nate and I went to the Florida panhandle the week before last and put in a bid on a house in Panama City. If all proceeds as planned, the closing is to be in the 15th of July. My last day of work is June 13th so will be packing and downsizing like a mad woman. We are moving from an over 3000 sq ft house to a 1500 sq ft house! Our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter have lived with us for the past two years and they are staying here and we are running away from home. I will miss them but it certainly is time to experience empty nest. Heather

Kathy Thompson McCurdy

I am enjoying being a grandmother to my 13-year old step-granddaughter and to my 20-month old grandson. We all love horses!




John and I are headed to Italy at the end of my school year and will see Julia Scott-Barrett outside of Nice (where she lives) at the end of June. More photos to follow then!

Libby Huntington

Libby Huntington

Sadly I report that Libby Huntington has died. I do not have any details but noticed posted condolences on Facebook last week. For some photos of LIbby you can go to

Here are two pictures: