News from Ellen and Ruthie

News from Ellen and Ruthie

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News from Ruthie in England – I can see the “Ruthie” eyes and smile in Jo’s face!! Ruthie – thank you for sharing your most wonderful day with all of us. The video was lovely and brought a tear to my eye for the happy couple. Kathy

As promised here’s a picture from my daughter’s wedding held at Gray’s Inn

in London on the 8th of June. It was the most magical day and after weeks of

cloud the sun came out for us and shone brilliantly. You may remember I sent

pictures of my son’s wedding a while ago – he and Annabel, far right in the

picture, were best man and maid of honour (matron, really, but Annabel

wouldn’t hear of that!). Not wishing to steal Joanna’s thunder, she had yet

to announce news of their first child (due in January) which became public

knowledge a few weeks later, so that’s very exciting!

If you want to see the video, which only arrived last Saturday and brought

tears to my eye, cut and paste this link into Google.

The Savoy bit relates to Jo, Annabel and I getting ready (Gray’s is only a

taxi ride away) – they spent their first night there and Ed was generous

enough to make the room available to us. In fact they were incredibly lucky,

as the ‘room’ was an upgrade to the Marlene Dietrich suite!!) There’s also

footage of the usher’s lunch at a watering hole called The Bleeding Heart.

The bridges relate to the table theme – a great friend of ours, Jane Dalton,

provided beautiful drawings, so it’s nice the videographer included them.

I’m only sorry there aren’t strains of the choir singing because they were


Hope this hasn’t reached you too late in the season and that you are having

a good summer yourself. We’re Cape Cod bound on Tuesday, so looking forward

to that.