Fall 2015

Fall 2015

November 8


Diana McBrier Wolfe at Nagaloka Institute, Pune India. Visiting the pathway of the Buddha

November 5

Time to insert myself 🙂


The fall weather has been beautiful and warm this year. Hope it continues into the winter. Lots of walks for John and me.

P.S from Ruthie


(Is it just me or does she look just the same as 50 years ago?)

Today I received news of our 50th reunion in the post, it can’t be! In case

I don’t show up, but I may well try, here’s a pic taken just before the

wedding of a friend’s son in Suffolk last summer on probably the most

beautiful day England had to offer, August 8. Yesterday, my 67th birthday,

was legendary in terms of weather, too – the hottest November day, according

to The Times, in 70 years. I’m still working as a sub-editor (on Country

Homes & Interiors magazine) and am looking forward to grandson number two in

January. His older brother, Robbie, as videoed by my son, sent me birthday

greetings which started my day on a wonderful note. ‘Haypee Burfday,’ he

chirruped; at 21 months old, it was probably the first time in his short

life he’s uttered those words, heavily prompted by his mum.

BTW if anyone is in on 17 November, do let them know there’s a wonderful

concert being given by my choir – Handel’s Athalia at St John’s Smith

Square. Here’s a link if you have space:

November 3 – Ruthie Denton Eastman shares her grandson, Robbie


The Biennale gets bigger every year_.Venice is always wonderful.!! Saluti a tutti! Surpik


Harriet Cohen Rappaport celebrates her 45th wedding anniversary


Anne Todd Osborne sent photos from the Hudson Valley and of her grandchildren


For those of us with oak trees, it’s been a bumper crop year for acorns. Should make the squirrels happy.


View across the Hudson (with West Point) from Anne and Ben’s Castle Rock


Brotherly love.



Liz Colton


From Ellen Wineberg


From Betsey Miller


And Barb Harrison


Congratulations to Bonnie Hunter Trotta who married Charles Tisi on October 2


Penni is taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get some exercise…impressive, Penni.