March-April 2016 Updates

March-April 2016 Updates

Some information on Cynthia Dietz

Cynthia Dietz, Liaison Librarian


Cynthia joined the University of Manitoba in September, 2011 as GIS Environmental Studies Librarian. She provides workshops at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library pertaining to geospatial data and tools used in several GIS software packages, including ArcGIS, Geomatica, AutoCAD and Google Earth Pro. She provides subject expertise to patrons in several disciplines, including Environment, Earth and Resources, Geography, Environmental Studies, Geological Sciences, and Resource Management. She helps patrons locate and obtain data pertinent to their GIS and remote sensing imagery needs. Her research interests include the use of SAR, LiDAR and multispectral imagery in addressing flood inundations in Manitoba. She holds a MLIS from Syracuse University and a MS in marine environmental science from SUNY at Stony Brook.



50th Year Reunion – May 20-22, 2016


How did this happen? This photo seems a lifetime ago and in a way it is.

For a brief few years, almost 100 of us lived in a time and at a place that joined us together in unique ways and forged some strong relationships. After leaving those gates, we spent 50 years choosing how to spend our time on this planet and then carving out our lives.

From years of reading the bulletin notes, we know that some went on to do interesting things, some we lost too early, but that many seem to have lead happy and fulfilling lives. Some of us are still working and some are retired and looking forward to new adventures.

Perhaps it is time to catch up on what has been and what’s to come. Perhaps it’s time for one more photo in front of the gates of Emma.

The reunion in May 20-22, 2016 and it would be wonderful to get as many of us as possible back to that beautiful campus. Information on how to attend is at the end of this post in the announcement from the March Alumnae Connections.

Sometimes it is helpful to see who is going and so I will keep a running list of people who are attending. If you do register, please let me know so I can add your name to the list. Also, if you definitely know you cannot make it and want to send messages or photos (like Ellen Wineberg’s below), I am happy to post them for classmates to see. Just send them to me at my email address

Here are the following who have signed up as of March 24:

Linda Glazer Touhey

Kathy Sullivan

Anne Todd Osborn

Kathy Thompson McCurdy

Sue Goldhush – possibly

So give it some thought. If we’re going to try to get to a reunion, make it this one.

For a little nostalgia, here are some teaser photos from Ellen:





Jennifer Dowling and others confirm this is Allen Blagdon.

The handsome artist is indeed, Allen Blagdon. Ellen and I had a good laugh about this not too long ago. Hes a friend of mine and lives not far from me in northwest CT and continues to make art_mostly figurative of animals. Strong good work_a print he made years of ago of a guinea hen still makes me gasp and smile when I see it! Hes a little shy, not interested in women, a close reader of the Bible and a strong presence in our community_well liked.

We all were sitting ducks for these Adonis like artists!


EWS for how to sign up:

Alumnae Connections – March 2016

Emma Willard School’s Monthly News Update for Alumnae

Reunion 2016

Registration is open for Reunion Weekend 2016! We’ve planned what’s sure to be a memorable weekend for you all–filled with many opportunities for substance and fun, including on-campus class dinners on Saturday night.

Our girls can’t wait to get to know you and hear about your Emma experience. We look forward to seeing back on Mount Ida on May 20!

To register for the weekend, please visit If you need assistance, please call 866.833.1814. Don’t wait! The early bird registration ends on April 25.

Make your gift to The Emma Fund in honor of your Reunion today!