May 18, 2016

Here are the arrival times (approximate) for those coming to the reunion. I hope to have this completed by Thursday:

Cathy Kernan – Saturday cocktails and dinner

Heidi Dolan Saturday – 3:00ish

Liz Evans Iliesiu

Cynthia Dietz

Nancy Shepard Kovaleff Friday

Barb Greenwood Saturday afternoon

Kathy Thompson McCurdy Sat 10-11:00

Jane Wales Friday – midday

Jen Smith Friday midday

Susan Antonides Carr Friday mid-afternoon

Jane Manopoli Saturday midday – end of Sunday

Liz Beal Bowman

Gwen Gordon Sat 11:30

Tabby Schultz Nassberg Saturday noon

Linda Glazer Toohey Friday late and dinner and Sat evening events

Kathy Sullivan Saturday 11:30

Anne Todd Osborn Friday p.m., Hilton

So check in and keep a look out! Hopefully we haven’t changed that much in 50 years!!

MAY 16, 2016

Five Days til the start of our 50th !

Just heard from Cynthia Dietz who will be coming with Elizabeth Evans Iliesiu! We should be close to 15. The list follows these photos from Liz Evans with her husband and talented daughter. Also is a picture of Lindy McLean Emrich from Christmas.




Well, this is how I have my coffee every morning!


Then I do my stretching….


…and cardio.


Most impressive, Liz. Thank you for sending. We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Most happy family – I love this photo of Lindy and her family.



Cathy Kiernan

Heidi Dolan

Liz Evans Iliesiu

Cynnthia Dietz

Nancy Shepard Kovaleff

Barb Greenwood

Kathy Thompson McCurdy

Jane Wales (4/25)

Jen Smith

Susan Antonides Carr

Jane Manopoli

Liz Beal Bowman

Gwen Gordon

Tabby Schultz Nassberg

Linda Glazer Toohey

Kathy Sullivan

Anne Todd Osborn


Risa Novig Neustadt (4/30)

Sue Goldhush

Cynthia Dietz


Bonnie Casper (May 12)

Liz Colton

Kathy Erskine Jenkins

Zurpik Zarikian Angelini

Diana McBrier Wolfe

Rosie Knox Beaudoin

Tina Acker Haight

Ingrid Johnsen Barrett

Barb Page

Lois Paull

Kitty Weatherbee

Betsey Miller

Jen Dowley

Peggy Baird Towle

Heather Henderson MeWhinney

Sheila Blair

Harriet Cohen Rappaport

Meryl Freidman Summer

Joan Nelick Danziger

Tyler Tinsworth (4/25)

Sue Merrill Rosoff

Julia Scott-Barrett (coming to CT at Christmas)

Diana McBrier Wolfe

Anne Curtis Chittenden (moving)

Wendy Dominick (gold tournament in VT)

Ruthie Denton Eastman (choir performing in Vienna)

Barb Harrison Hagler

Bonnie Hunter Tisi

Ellen Wineberg

Penni Wisner


Thanks to Rosie Know Beaudoin for the following photos!





From Facebook: Wendy celebrating the first birdie of the year!


Please sign up for the Reunion at If you need assistance, please call 866.833.1814.

Here is the Program of Events for the weekend.

If you register or even if you know you cannot make it, would you please RSVP to me ( so others can see who is or is not going? Thanks.

As of May 4, 2016:

When you think of your time at Emma Willard, what are the first three things that come to mind? A favorite teacher? Kate Clugston perhaps, Mr. Homan, choir practice with Mr. Locke? Riding classes with Mrs. Gottschalk, Miss Kearn? Gene, the watchman? Or are your thoughts events – Ring Dinner, Headmaster’s holiday, Father/Daughter dance, the Northeast Blackout, the Kennedy assassination? No matter how many years we spent within those grey walls, a great deal happen that left impressions on our lives.

Fifty-some years ago the last thing on our minds was how it would be attending our 50th Reunion. Thoughts focused more on looming possibilities in college and beyond.

Please think of returning in four weeks to share your memories of Emma, your experiences and lives since then and more. This is a landmark reunion and our opportunities to meet with each other will be come fewer as the years go by.

A note from Kathy Sullivan

Hi Kathy,

This is Kathy Sullivan in Santa Barbara, CA. Both Gwen and I are planning on coming to the reunion and would love it if you could encourage everyone else to do the same via your email list (and add my name). When I looked at the list of who is coming, there was not much participation from our class right now. After all, Gwen and I are coming all the way from California…and I bet lots of classmates live a lot closer. We’d particularly like to see Weezy Seyffer, Heidi Dolan, Kathy Erskine and lots of others.

Looking forward to reuniting!





Revels – Anne looks like she’s having fun!



Don’t worry! If you come to the reunion, we won’t make you sing!