Now We Are 70

More celebrations, birthday, weddings and just celebrating life.

My authentic Chinese meal 70th in Chinatown with my kids and John.

Linda Glazer Toohey

Surpik attending her son’s wedding.

Ellen in her gallery.

Wendy Dominic celebrating her 70th.

Carolyn Bryson

Chris Smith (had a photo with her cousin Lindy McLean Emrich) but can’t find!)


More 70s celebrations

In response to Penni’s plea for bulletin new,

“So. Gals. Most of us turn 70 this year or we already have. And I would love to hear how you celebrated your birthday or plan to celebrate it.”

I received some wonderful photos.

Gale Boys Taliaferro’s 7th decade began with gorgeous hike today in the Adirondacks with Eddie and Copper dog and and quintessential fall foliage.

Gale and Copper Dog

Diana McBrier Wolfe writes “My family hosted a 70th birthday party with a complete Indian theme in preparation for my son,Taylor(born on my birthday) and I going to India early November. Trip photo to come later.”


Cathy Kernan celebrates with a bike ride.
Jen Smith with her grandchildren.
Rosie Know Beaudoin


Linda Glazer Toohey with champagne!


Barb Page celebrates at Disney World!


Penni and Tabby head to Alaska!

Tabby and I at end of May 2018 on Admiralty Island outside of Juneau Alaska. We had just spent several hours watching brown bears and were about to return to our cruise ship on a 6-passenger float plane.


Barb Page: July 21 I will be celebrating 70 at Disneyland. But, at Spring Break friends took me up to Johnson City.
Tabby in Hawaii
Ellen’s cake on the “real” date and at her gallery in Boston
Bonnie Hunter Trotta
Ellen Wineberg






Julia Scott-Barrett
Kathy Sullivan and partner Jim in Costa Rica both celebrating 70
The cake


With son Alex and daughter-in-law Soyoung


Kathy Erskine Jenkins
In the gym
Daughter Grace Jenkins
Barbara Lewis Hagler and Mike in North Carolina
Nancy Shepard Kovaleff in Nepal
Surpik’s 96 year-old mother surprises her on her 70th
Anne Todd Osborn
Anne and her husband Fred will sail to the Chesapeake on their boat Aythya in the fall before heading to Florida and then off shore.
Kathy Thompson McCurdy and her 3 brothers at an Easter family reunion at Mohonk Mountain in New York.