Bonnie Casper’s 60th

Bonnie Casper’s 60th

I am responding to the call!

I turned 60 in June and Mark and Blair had a wonderful party for me. Actually my daughter was interning in NYC and said she would only come home to celebrate if we had a party she didnt want to spend the weekend seeing me sit on the couch, curtains drawn, bemoaning my old age! So she organized everything! Then we went to Edinburgh and London this fall to visit her while she was studying in London for the semester. We had a great time and enjoyed the family bonding as well as the touring!

Everything is going well as we look forward to a new era and a breath of fresh air come January 20th!

Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year and may our 401ks that are now 201ks find their way back so that we can enjoy our graying years.


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