Fall 2010 News

Fall 2010 News

Ingrid Johnsen Barrett:

The Rev. Ingrid Barrett has been appointed interim associate minister at the Dover Church in Dover, Massachusetts, with a primary commitment to Christian education.

From Peggy Baird Towle:

I am retired as of this past spring and loving every minute of it. I was a docent tour guide at the Ipswich Museum this year. The season just ended. I gave tours of the “Whipple House” build in 1677, Ipswich MA. I am currently taking watercolor painting classes and I am still able to play golf 4 or 5 days a week although that can’t last much longer (a few more weeks if we’re lucky).

From Anne Todd Osborne:

My daughter, Ellie, is married with two kids. Youngest son, Graham, married in tiny apt near UN no plans for kids. Oldest, Hank, happily un-married last month after 14 years and four kids, and their 14 yr-old dog who are doing amazingly well under the two household regime. No assets, no lawyers, no hassle. (well splitting up the debt but even that was relatively smooth). I say it was under-treated Lyme Disease (misdiagnosed as MS) that precipitated it. But that’s another story. Hank runs Osborne Castle and lives over the carriage house.

Life goes on.


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