Fall Photos

Fall Photos

Jeni Smith, grandchildren, dogs, ghost and pumpkin….priceless…



More from Bonnie Hunter Trotta who can’t seem to sit down…..

I’m in Bhutan in the Himalayas. This is the famous monastery in Paro called Tigers Nest

Really hard hike!



Diabetes Walk in Flushing Meadow, NY


Bonnie far right


And if you follow Facebook, you know Bonnie made a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain:



From Ellen Wineberg:

Preparing for a show at Thayer Academy. Opening reception Oct. 20 3 to 5.

Any connections there?????


Ruthie Denton reports on her TWO new kitties, Willard and Sage!

“Roger and I were looking for a new kitten a few weeks ago and went to the

London animal shelter Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. A very helpful and

efficient young woman who turned out to be head of the cattery _ and

American _ came to our aid and we got talking. I asked her where she was

from. ‘Outside Albany,’ she said. ‘Oh yes, where?’ ‘Troy.’ I could not

believe my ears. I told her that in all my years of living in London I had

never met anyone who lived in Troy! She told me she lived near the Troy

Country Club and I said I lived not a million miles away from that on the

corner of Collins and Sycamore. Then she asked where I went to school and

when I said Emma Willard, she exclaimed, ‘So did I!’ We called the kitten

we chose Willard, as you would, but sadly, adorable though he was, he had

serious health issues so he is still in the infirmary at Battersea and we

have chosen to opt for another cat much as we fell in love with him when we

first saw him. Tomorrow we go and choose another.”

“This is Willard I’s brother who we were lucky enough to come across at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when we went back on Friday and we’ve used the name a second time. Here he is that afternoon back at his new home in Clapham. He’s very cuddly and affectionate and as you can see a little ball of fluff. The Troy connection didn’t stop

with the Emma Willard coincidence: mother of Willard I and II rejoiced in

the name of Sage! _ Do you remember Russell Sage?


And some good news from Linda Glazer Toohey:

The one of Mike and me is from my 65th birthday trip to Paris. We took a day trip to Versailles (where the photo was taken) and Giverny. It made accepting that new Medicare card, much more palatable.

The other one is from our family vacation this summer in Cabo San Lucas. The tall guy in the photo is our youngest daughter Liz’s fianc. They got engaged a month ago. The other couple are our daughter Meg (the blonder one) and her husband Marc. They got married a year ago in Denver. Liz has decided that Denver’s altitude wasn’t high enough, so they are getting married at the top of Ajax Mountain in Aspen this coming August. Hopefully I’ll get to see more of Susan Antonides Carr, who lives in Denver, since both our girls have settled there.



And recently at my school, The Country School, I met a representative from EWS whose mom graduated two years behind us.

“Two Emma Willard alumnae meet up at TCS. Laura Burgess, from the Emma Willard Admission Office, was on campus today to meet with Beth Coyne, director of Secondary School Counseling. While here, she was pleased to meet up with another Emma Willard alumna, 3rd Grade teacher Kathy McCurdy!”


Baby Section

News from Anne Todd Osborne…love the nickname.

Fred and I have a new grandson, D. Knox Applegate Osborn. Knoxie was born Wednesday evening September 11th. Parents and 6 siblings (4 are our son, Hank’s, and 2 are his wife, Alexandria Applegate’s) completely ecstatic.


And I attended my grandson’s 2nd birthday today…unfortunately I take all the photos and forget to get in a photo myself. Here is Thomas with his mom today.


OK….I apologize but just can’t help it…….


Bonnie Hunter, globe “Trotta”

Please send us your photos. We would love to see what you are all doing.

No puns here…I’m on a field trip with my third graders doing a population study of a 50cm diameter on Long Island Sound. Try to keep 30 something kids out of the warm water on a beautiful fall day!


Linda Glazer Toohey and Husband


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