Anne Curtis Chittenden lives in a neighboring town and is helping women in crisis. I thought you’d like to hear about what she is doing and so asked Anne if I could post the information. Here is her response to my request and information on PetSafe.

“Hi Kathy,

Thank you! This is such a generous offer. I’ve had so little time to participate in the fun flurry of classmate communications, let alone get the word out to old friends who might be interested in what I’m trying to accomplish. The need is great, financial donations are critical, and I’m learning that we’ll always have new hurdles to clear. Some days it feels like eating an elephant- just have to take it one bite at a time and try not to look up (or too far ahead) for fear of losing courage. But most days, I feel good about all the progress made so far. We’ll get there….

I’ll attach a brief 1-pg Overview for you. I’d love for classmates to be able to get in touch with me if they’d like to, so thank you again for helping me spread the word.



Domestic Animal Sanctuary



CT SafePet provides animal respite care for those without means to safeguard their pets in times of crisis. Offering comprehensive veterinary and foster home care for up to 60 days, SafePet enables pet owners to reside in emergency shelters, enter residential treatment settings, or receive extended care in facilities where they are unable to care for their animals.

In response to the needs of some of Connecticuts most vulnerable residents, SafePet assures confidential and highly personalized standards of care. Our network of licensed veterinarians, emergency personnel, trained foster caregivers and frontline staffs review and prioritize each applicants needs and coordinate services accordingly. For the duration of the service agreement, we advocate for the best possible outcome for every animal in our custody.

Each request for services presents a unique set of circumstances. We accept applications on a case-by-case basis and assure a timely response. Eligibility requirements include enrollment or active participation in programs or services provided by a referring agent, and compliance with court orders and/or treatment plans in effect at the time SafePet services are rendered. Requests for services submitted by individuals without a referring agent cannot be accepted.

Referring agents include:

Victims advocates & judicial personnel

Law enforcement & animal control officers

Youth & family service organizations

Womens, childrens & elderly protective service agencies

Veterinarians & vet techs

Domestic violence & sexual assault crisis service providers

Mental health & addictions treatment providers,

VNAs & other health agency personnel

Created and managed by Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary, CT SafePet is the first program of its kind to be offered to Connecticuts residents in need. We encourage and welcome community support for this groundbreaking initiative.

Without the generosity of our dedicated foster care volunteers and veterinary professionals, CT SafePet services would not be possible. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation, sponsoring an animal in need, or volunteering to become an animal foster caregiver. Together, we truly make a difference!

For more information, please contact:

Annie Chittenden, CT SafePet Program Manager

There are indeed “angels among us.” Please let us know of any passionate causes you are involved in (I can hear my English teacher screaming, “Never end a sentence with a preposition!). We’d love to hear about them….and you!

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