News for the Bicentennial

News for the Bicentennial

I am running an unofficial (but color- and time-coordinated!) showcase for all EWS alums on Friday night, May 9, 2014 at the Desmond.

Artists, poets, writers, musicians, dancers, comics, actors, photographers — anyone with a voice (visual, audio, or virtual) is welcome to share her work or perceptions at this once-in-a-lifetime gathering of EWS alums.

I have just contacted the reunion chairs about this, too, but the event is NOT limited to reunion years – I am really looking forward to getting together with such a wide swath of classes! : )

Please feel free to post this event on your FB class pages, etc.

Warm regards,

Terri Weiss

Friday, May 9, 2014

10 pm (following class dinners)

The Desmond, Town Hall

Badass Productions Presents:

A showcase by and for all EWS alums coming to the BiC. Not a ‘talent’ show per se — it will be whatever it will be. Music, skits, poetry and other readings, dance, art, memorials, demos, and any other presentations are ALL welcome! If you can talk, smile, or even gesture, you’re good to go.

No limits on participants or participating classes — no refusals on content, no frowns on dress code. Informality, alcohol and camaraderie are expected.

Tiaras are fine, as long as the diamonds are real. No gangsta violence will be tolerated, however.

Advance notice of names and approximate times will be appreciated in order to organize, but sign up information at The Desmond will be provided. And you can always corner Terri Weiss ’74, even at the last second.

The room is the Town Hall, a meeting room that has no time limits, so we will end when we end. The room is going to have a mic and a piano. Please notify Terri of other equipment requests by April 15.

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