News from Cathy Kernan

News from Cathy Kernan

Last May Ellen Wineberg came with me on an art residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Co. Mayo, Ireland, a wild section of the northwest coast. She is a great travel companion (good cook!) and we dug up a lot of memories of being “art rivals” at EW.


In August my husband and I went on a seven day bike ride in Idaho, averaging some 60 miles / day. It was beautiful, and a new part of the country for me. In September we did a 100 mile ride around New York City as part of a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives – diverse and spectacular! Imagine cycling through Manhattan at 6 a.m., over the Brooklyn Bridge,along the surf at Far Rockaway, around the 1964 World’s Fair sphere, under the La Guardia flight path.Have you ever cycled a velodrome?

The center of my life is still artwork. Visit my website: for that update.


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