Real SPRING News!

Real SPRING News!

I look at my last post written at the end of February where I was hopeful that spring was approaching. Ha! How foolish I was. We all know what happened to not just the Northeast this year, but to many parts of the U.S.

And so, I feel it necessary, on April 7, to leave all that behind. We are moving on to warm, spring weather. The crocuses are appearing, the snow drops for us are late but up and so I will move on with uplifting news as well.


For that I turn to Bonnie Hunter Trotta (photo from last summer in Scotland) who writes the following:

“Sorry to be so long in replying!

Its April 5 and 25 degrees this am!

My big news is that I am getting married! I reconnected with an old friend whose wife died 10 years ago. Of course he is wonderful and we will remain here in Katonah.

My travels this year will take me to the Galapagos with grandchildren and Cuba with son and fiancee.

Happy Easter, Bonnie”

Congratulations, Bonnie, on your upcoming wedding October 2!

This news, along with the EW bulletin, Signatures, reminds me that we are all embarking on new adventures, whether it is retirement, a new job, or new adventure. Let me know yours. And, we all love to see photos! Please send!

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