Surpik Zarikian

Surpik Zarikian


This is a warholian manipulation of me, but pretty recent add or subtract 50 lbs!!!! It’s great to conceal the neck with an “intellectual” pose. Isn’t it?


This is my perennially young and beautiful mom. She looks like this at 85!!


My younger son,Giorgio, now 25 yrs, playing in Los Angeles, at The Troubadour, a rock club where John Lennon played last. We were there for my husband’s birthday last year.


My older son, Alessandro, 30 years old, who is finishing his PHd in Urban Anthropology at CUNY. This picture with his dad, Paolo Angelini was taken in the London School of Economics where he received his masters a couple of years ago.


Myson Giorgio’s latest rock tour around Europe. If you are traveling with your kids and see Bishop Allen playing, the base is my Giorgio!!

The apple does not fall far from the tree you guys!!! Do you remember my piano playing, and singing and carrying on? That’s how I celebrated my 60th on April fools day…with a Karaoke party!!! My son Alex, who never sings, did an incredible Bob Dylan/ Frank Sinatra imitation. It takes an anthropologist to cover all bases!!

I just adore seeing your children’s pictures. That’s why I am sending mine. Hope you all enjoy them. Keep us posted, it warms our hearts!!


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