When I sent the notice regarding Cathy Kernan’s upcoming art show in New York, I asked the following trivia question:

What were the names of the two women who taught art in the art building at the back of campus?

Here are the responses.

Cathy Kernan wrote back, “Leah Perkins and Miss Page. When Miss Perkins died I inherited all her art books!”

Ruthie Denton Eastman wrote, “Miss Perkins and Mrs. Burdis – as to first names, I’m a little hazy but could it have been Ann and Helen? Mrs. Burdis was a lovely English lady who lived in my ‘hood’ in Troy and she had a daughter called Jane who also went to Emma, I seem to recall.”

Tabby Schultz Nassburg got Leah Perkins.

Ellen Wineberg: Miss Perkins and Mrs. Burdis. I see Jane Burdis, Mrs. Burdis’s daughter around Boston. She went to EWS too a few years after us. That was too easy.

Wendy Dominick: I’ll be pondering that all day! I remember one of them pronounced Van Gogh as “Van Gock.

Jeni Smith: I recall the name of the building being Wellington & Lay, but not the two women – one we nicknamed Petunia Pig as she was rather short and stout and had a little pug nose.

Bonnie Casper: Ms. Perkins was one and I hate to say we called her Porky Pig! Was the other Mrs. Burdis?

Thanks, Everyone, for some fun memories.

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